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Redeemer Bible Church | Oceanside

Our Distinctives

  • Discipleship: To train and release Christ-centered laborers to “intentionally disciple” others as cited in the great commission.


  • Expository Preaching: To hold preaching central in the church. Preaching is the engine for the ministries of the local church.  Preaching should derive its sermons directly from the explanation and application of the text. Preaching should be earnest and Christ-Centered.


  • Christ-Centeredness: To create and maintain a culture that depends on Christ for the motivation, reason, power and resource for all we do. This must be taught and modeled from the pulpit and down through the Home Fellowship Group leaders to the disciplers.


  • Spirit-Empowerment: To emphasize that all Christian ministry and teaching is fruitless apart from the work of the Holy Spirit.


  • Fellowship and Body Life: To cultivate a true participation of life with other believers in Christ.  This will be stressed through the Home Fellowship Group and Discipleship meetings.  Spiritual gifts will be exercised to edify one another in the church.


  • Leadership Training: To raise up leaders and train them to teach, preach, and shepherd effectively to further make disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Congregational Worship in Music: To teach, fuel, and model true congregational worship in music.  Worship is to be done in “spirit and truth” and the music selected should mirror the pulpit as it should “teach and admonish one another.”  Congregational Worship in Music should be varied in the three forms of “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” and should be Christ-Centered.