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Redeemer Bible Church | Oceanside

Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member of Redeemer Bible Church

 "Membership" is just our way of saying that you are committed to this particular local church in its ministries, vision, and leadership as we seek to pursue Christ together.

To be a member of RBC, there are a few requirements:

1.  Must be a born-again believer in Christ.

2.  Must be baptized by immersion as a believer.

3.  Must attend or watch all eight RBC membership classes.

4.  Must complete RBC's "Membership Questionnaire".

5.  Must complete an interview with an Elder of RBC.

 If you have any questions, please text 760-274-0464 or email  

Our membership classes were recorded so that you may view and review them. 

They are posted to YouTube and listed in order here.


  1. Membership 1: Who We Are 
  2. Membership 2: Our Distinctives 
  3. Membership 3: Spiritual Gifts in the Church 
  4. Membership 4: Leadership in the Church 
  5. Membership 5: Discipline in the Church 
  6. Membership 6: Giving in the Church 
  7. Membership 7: Baptism 
  8. Membership 8: Doctrinal Statement and Constitution